10 Celebs Who Only Fly Private

#2 Oprah, Celine Dion, and Steven Spielberg

2b-celebs-who-only-fly-private_oprah-celine-dion-and-steven-spielbergVia @UrbanHeatRadio/Twitter

The celebs mentioned above are in the entertainment sector, and they individually possess a Bombardier Global Express XRS. This plane costs $42 million. How cool is that?

8c-celebs-who-only-fly-private_oprah-celine-dion-and-steven-spielbergvia @flyUltimateAir/Twitter

The jet is very spacious, and it’s interior is all leather. The plane can easily hold eight to fourteen people.

9a-celebs-who-only-fly-private_oprah-celine-dion-and-steven-spielbergvia @PrivateJetWorld/Twitter

The XRS has a bathroom and many fancy designer fixtures in its galley. It can fly for as long as 16 hours without refueling.