10 Iron-Rich Foods to Add to Your Diet

A mineral that is very vital for survival in human is Iron. It’s essential hemoglobin component- it’s a protein which has oxygen transported in the red blood cells. When there isn’t sufficient Iron in our body, it leads to tiredness, anemia, and dizziness.

It was recommended by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that adult males and 18mg per day should take 8 mg per day for women who aren’t breastfeeding and up to age 50 for those who aren’t pregnant. The amounts vary from one person to another.

There are several ways that this daily requirement can be met. How we can have our Iron boosted while still eating nutritious and tasty diet.

In this article, we would be talking about foods with high Iron, 10 of them in particular.

Breakfast cereals that get fortified


A source of Iron does often come from the breakfast cereals, but it’s very imperative to make the right choice. The goal is to search for a grain that has the daily value of the Iron in it 100 percent. Going for the sugar-heavy, colorful cereals isn’t an excellent way to have your Iron boosted. One cup of fortified cereals has 18 mg of Iron in it.

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