15 Madly Smart Celebrities – No #9 Will Stun You!

Let’s get straight to the point here: because you are succeeding so much, and a Hollywood star, doesn’t mean you need with regards to brains and smarts. Let’s take a look at the super-brilliant, celebrities we could find!

#1 Rashida Jones


If you’ve at any point watched NBC’s Parks and Entertainment, You might have come across Rashida Jones for her part as Ann Perkins. Rashida was born in 1976; she is an American actress, filmmaker, screenwriter, comic writer, and musician. As an adolescent, she went to The Buckley School in California where she made the National Honor Society. That was where her classmates voted her “Destined to succeed,” and they were right. At Buckley, Rashida turned out to be deeply involved with theater and went to the same school as Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton.

After graduating from high school, Rashida advanced to Harvard College where she had a place with professionals and dramatic clubs, student association, and other different society, and also being a native of Eliot House. While Rashida at first intended being a legal adviser, her mind was changed after of being discouraged by the O.J. Simpson trial.

She at that point dedicated herself entirely to performing arts. She finished from Harvard in 1997, and then she went ahead to seek after a degree in acting, she additionally flaunted her music talent by writing scores of Harvard’s infamous Hasty Pudding Club.



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