15 Madly Smart Celebrities – No #9 Will Stun You!

#11 Elizabeth Banks


While she appears to love playing those moronic blonde parts, Elizabeth is not at all like her characters. She was in 1974; she is an American director, producer, and an actress.

As a teenager, Elizabeth had a determined fascination in horse riding and baseball, however, she broke her leg sliding into third base. That is the point at which she went for her school play and set her acting profession into movement. In 1992 Elizabeth graduated from Pittsfield High School is as yet a member of the Massachusetts Junior Classical League. Elizabeth at then went to the University of Pennsylvania where she joined the Delta Sorority and graduated magna cum laude in 1996. She focused on communication and had little interest in theater arts. In 1998, Elizabeth finished her education at the American Conservatory Theater in California.



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