15 Madly Smart Celebrities – No #9 Will Stun You!

#4 Mindy Kaling


Have you ever watched The Mindy Project? If you have, then you will know who we are discussing on. Vera Mindy was born in 1979, Mindy is an actress, an author, and a comedian. Not only is she the superstar, but she is the shower creator, she is the writer and also the executive producer. Additionally, she’s known for her work on NBC’s where she acted, wrote, coordinated, and filled in as executive producer.

As an adolescent, Mindy finished school from Buckingham Browne and Nichols, a private school in Massachusetts. After then she went to Dartmouth School where she became a member of an improvisational comedy troupe, member of a cappella gathering, maker of a funny cartoon, and an essayist for the college’s magazine.

She graduated in 2001, and her biography jokes that she went to an Ivy Class school to seek after a love for North Face parkas and white individuals. Mindy graduated with a noteworthy in works of art and a four-year certification in playwriting. She likewise contemplated Latin, which she had been learning since seventh grade!



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