15 Madly Smart Celebrities – No #9 Will Stun You!

#5 Natalie Portman


Natalie was in 1981. His father is from an Israeli while his mother is an American. Natalie Portman is a strong actress, chief director, and also a producer. Natalie first went to Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Maryland and afterward went ahead to a Long Island grade school, Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau Country located in New York. Natalie went to high school on Long Island, and in 1999 she entered Harvard with the plan of going into psychology while working as an actress. She finished in 2003 with a  Bachelor Arts degree in Phycology, referring to that she couldn’t have cared less if school destroyed her acting vocation as she’d rather be smart.

When Natalie graduated, she returned to Israel to go for another graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

On account of the majority of this, Natalie has made for herself an incredible notoriety among media outlets for being a Brainiac. Also, Natalie communicates in German, Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, and French. We’d say that is not very ratty by any means.



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