20 Items You Should For No Reason Place inside Your Fridge

Before the invention of the fridge, food preservation was quite tricky. But those days are behind us now. Our natural instincts always prompt us to place food we want to preserve in the fridge. As efficient as the fridge may be in preserving our food, there are certain food items which should for no reason be placed in the fridge. Below is a list of 20 food items which shouldn’t have any business in your fridge.

1. Banana

1-items-to-never-put-in-the-fridge_bananaImage: theregister.co.uk

Banana shouldn’t be placed in a cold environment, so as to prevent it from losing its essential nutrient. It is best to keep them on your kitchen counter tops. It takes a longer time for them to ripen when placed in a fridge. So if you haven’t got that much time to wait for them ripe.

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