7 Advantages of Lemon Water to Your Body

Lemon water has become extremely popular these day.

A lot of restaurants offer it to their customers, while some other persons love to begin their day by drinking lemon water as opposed to tea or coffee. There is no doubting that lemons are pleasantly delicious, but does it improve your health situation when it is added to water?

The bulk of the proof supporting lemon water benefits for human health is actually anecdotal. Only a handful of scientific studies have been carried out concerning lemon water, however various research exist regarding the benefits of water and lemon.

Here are 7 ways lemon water could be of benefit to your body:


1. It enhances Hydration

Based on Food and Nutrition Board reports, basic guidelines state that women ought to consume a minimum of 91 ounces daily while men are to consume a minimum of 125 ounces. You can get this from the water in drinks and foods.

Water happens to be most available beverage when it comes to hydration, although some persons do not like its taste when it’s taken alone. Including lemon to water improves its flavor, allowing you to drink more of it.

2. It is a brilliant Source for vitamin C

Lemon-rich fruits such as citrus contain a high amount of vitamin c, which is a basic antioxidant which helps in protecting your body from harmful free radicals. You likely have learned about how vitamin c could help in the prevention of common cold as well as how long it can stay in someone’ body, though the studies produce conflicting results.

Vitamin C could reduce your chances of having stroke and cardiovascular disease as well as low blood pressure.

Although lemons are not considered the highest when considering citrus fruits that contain huge amount of vitamin C, they still remain a reliable source.

Based on US department of agriculture, lemon juice is responsible for approximately 18.6 milligrams vitamin C. experts recommend between 65 and 90 milligrams of it for adults on a daily basis.

3. It promotes weight loss

There are studies that indicate that the polyphenol antioxidants discovered in lemons greatly decreased weight gain within a group of mice that were fed to the point of obesity.

During these mice-related studies, the antioxidant chemicals equally canceled the negative effect brought about glucose levels as well as enhanced the resistance of insulin, the two major factors responsible for developing type II diabetes.

Although a similar study and result proven beyond doubts in humans, the anecdotal proof is quite strong that consuming lemon water is highly supportive of weight loss. It is still unclear if this development should be attributed to drinking of more water as well as feeling satisfied or drinking the lemon juice directly.

4. It Enhances The Quality Of Your Skin

The vitamin C discovered in lemons could aid in reducing wrinkled skins, dry skin due to old age, as well as damages caused by the sun. While the manner in which water enhances skin is still a controversial subject, one thing remains absolutely certain – whenever your skin becomes less moistened, it ends up being dry and vulnerable to wrinkles. A study in 2016 indicated that citrus drink aided the prevention of wrinkles developing on hairless mice.

5. It simplifies Digestion

A couple of persons consume lemon water every morning as sort of laxative for preventing against constipation. Drinking hot or warm lemon water whenever you get up from bed could help in activating your digestive system.

Ayurvedic medicine believes that the sour taste of lemon helps in stimulating your “agni.” In the annals of Ayurvedic medicine, a potent agni has a way of jump starting your digestive tract, which allows you to easily digest your food as well as preventing toxins from building up in your system.

6. It freshens your breath

Ever had to apply lemon on your two hands simply to kill the smell that garlic produces or any kind of strong odor for that matter? A similar remedy is applicable in treating the bad breath championed by consuming foods that have strong smell like fish, onions, or garlic.

You may prevent bad breadth when you drink one glass of lemon water immediately after your meals as well as during the morning time. Lemon is understood to stimulate water and saliva, which is key in preventing against dirty mouth, a causative factor of bad breath engineered by bacteria.

7. It Aids In The Prevention of Kidney Stones

Lemon contains citric acid which happens to play a key role in preventing kidney stones. Citrate’s one of the components of citric acid, which paradoxically ensures that urine is less acid as well as breaking up of small stones. Hence, lemon water does not just provide you with citrate, but it equally provides you with the necessary water for preventing against or flushing out stones.

Lemon water preparation

To enjoy lemon water health benefits, you ought to be consistent in drinking it, with more than one lemon wedge inside your mug.

Whenever you’re preparing lemon water, make sure you use only fresh lemons as opposed to using unnatural lemon.

To do this, squeeze half-lemon into eight ounces of cold or warm water. For the drink to be healthy, use organic lemons and filtered water.

Ensure additional flavor or include a healthy boost to your lemon water via including:

  • A few mint springs.
  • One teaspoon of raw honey or maple syrup
  • One slice of fresh ginger.
  • A sprinkle of turmeric
  • A dash or cinnamon

You could equally include slices of some other fresh citrus fruit like oranges and limes, or even cucumber slices. Remember to wash well before you slice and use.

Having some lemon ice cube at your disposal is one way to include lemon quickly to water. Just squeeze the juice of the fresh lemon inside ice cube tray and the freeze. Drop some cubes inside hot or cold water as you want.

You could begin your mornings with one mug of lemon water (warm), as well as keep your water pitcher filled with a couple of sliced lemons within your fridge for your consumption all day.

Lemon Water Side Effects

It is basically safe to drink lemon water, however there some possible side effects that you should be weary of.

Lemon has citric acid, a possible destroyer of tooth enamel. To reduce this risk, use straw to drink water and clean your mouth using clean water when you are done.

Whenever it has to do with heartburn, you cannot be too sure of lemon water. The citric acid could trigger heartburn in a couple of persons, while others are relieved from heartburn because lemon juice is changed to alkaline, decreasing acidic digestion. You can only know how it will work on you when you are put under observation.

Some persons visit the bathroom more whenever they are consume lemon water. While vitamin C seems more of a diuretic, according to most people, there are no categorical proofs that naturally sourced vitamin c from lemons does have any diuretic effects.

Should you feel like having more bathroom breaks in the process of consuming lemon water, the chances are that it’s a result of too much water intake.

The Take-home

Studies indicates that lemon water does have several possible health benefits. Besides, including lemon in your water is going to increase your daily water intake as well as make you stay hydrated. Remaining hydrated is crucial for a stable health, hence, lemon water sounds like an overall win.



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