7 Effective Methods for Intermittent Fasting

There are lots of methods you can adopt for intermittent fasting. These tend to vary with regards to calorie allowances and how many fast days.

Intermittent fasting implies abstaining from food over a given period of time before deciding to eat again. According to studies, it can help when it comes to weight loss, increased longevity and better health. Proponents have suggested that maintaining of intermittent fasting programs is much easier than those diets that are calorie – controlled.

When it comes to intermittent Fasting, people will have different experiences. Therefore, what will be perfect for one individual may not be great for another. The major aim of this post will be to comprehensively discuss the most popular forms of intermittent fasting. You will also discover the most ideal food for fasting.


7 ways that you can do intermittent fasting

This form of fasting has got different methods. This is perhaps why people will always prefer styles that are different.

Method #1 – half day (12 hours) fasting

This diet has got very simple rules. This is the fact that a person is expected to abstain from food for 12 – hours every day. Researchers have explained that while fasting for around 10 – 16 hours, fats inside the body can get converted to energy. This ensures that keystones are released into your bloodstream. Weight loss should be encouraged through this form of fast.

This form of intermittent fasting is perfect for those who are just starting out. The reason is that hours dedicated to such fasting aren’t long. As a matter of fact, majority of the fast will take place while they are sleeping.

In order for this fast to be embarked on easily by a beginner, sleeping hours should also part of the 12 hours. For instance, you may decide to fast between 6pm – 6am. This means you will need to take your dinner before 6pm and abstain from food until after 6am in the morning. You will be sleeping most of the time during such time of fasting.

Method #2 – 16 hours fasting

Through this method of intermittent fasting, you will only have about 8hours to eat every day. This is known as lean gains diet or 16:8 method. During this method, women will fast for about 14 hours every day while men are going to fast for 16 hours. It can be very beneficial most especially once you’ve tried to adopt the half day fast of 12 hours in the past but didn’t notice any change.

This type of fast ensures that people will finish evening meal before 8pm. Breakfast will be skipped as they won’t eat any food until lunch time.

A research was carried out on mice and it was revealed that when their eating windows got limited to about 8hours, they got protected from abnormal conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, inflammation and obesity. It should be noted that their amount of calories was similar to those of mice that weren’t under the same time restriction.

Method #3 – 48 hours per week

This method is known as 5:2 diet standard. It entails the intake of healthful food for about 5 days and less calorie consumption for the other remaining 2 days. Within these 48 hours (2 days) of fasting, women and men will consume around 400 and 500 calories respectively.

People will typically ensure that their fast days are separated. For instance, you can decide to fast for Monday and Wednesday or Saturday and Thursday. It is all about choosing two days that will be convenient for you. Please note that when choosing this form of fasting method, there need to be a minimum of one day for non – fasting in – between.

Research has been limited on this form of fasting though. According to a study carried out on women (107) who were overweight, it was discovered that the restriction of calories two times every week can bring about weight loss. It was also revealed that this form of diet can help in the reduction of insulin levels. Insulin sensitivity also got improved in participants.

A small scale research got carried out to observe 23 women who were overweight. While experiencing one menstrual cycle, these women lost about 4.8% weight. 8% of their body fats were also lost. After eating normally for about 5 days, most of these women regained their normal body weight.

Method #4 – Alternate fasting

This fasting has to do with coming up with variations about which day to fast. Some people consider this form of fasting to be having to avoid solid foods. In other words, they don’t consume solid food for fasting. Others may take in maximum of 500 calories. People may decide to eat as they like on feeding days. A study carried out has revealed that alternate fasting can be very effective when it comes to heart health and weight loss.

According to the researchers, 32 participants had lost about 5.2kg within a period of 12 weeks.



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