A Form Altering Robotic Car Which Can Be Driven to the Side…EO Smart Connecting Car 2

We have discussed electric cars in detail previously but this small precious car is definitely going to leave you awe-struck. The latest EO Smart Connecting Car 2 or (Eoscc2) has a range of features that are remarkably futuristic, such as the capability of driving to the side.

In addition, it has great credentials of shape-shifting which enable the car to reduce in dimension so as to fit in parking areas which are smaller. The study for enhancement of the robotic vehicle began in October, 2011 when a team of designers and engineers took up the work of getting an answer to the issue of traffic congestion in urban areas.

The outcome is a vehicle which is adaptable, small and light in weight which gives new meaning to the idea of personal transportation. It  is fitted with four wheels that are specially created which can turn a whole 90 degrees.  The car can turn in a circle.

This feature, combined with the capability of driving to the side, lets EOscc2 conquer the restrictions of parallel parking. It weighs around 750kg or 1,653lb and is a lot lighter compared to majority of vehicles presently found in the market.

Also, when this car is not adequately small, it truly compresses itself by laying the panels it has on top of each other. This makes the vehicle become smaller from 2.5m  or 8.2 ft to around 4.9 ft or 1.5m without sacrificing the seating section’s comfort.

This model is an improved edition of 2012 EO Smart Car and has a user interface which is extremely perceptive. The improved method of auto-navigation can make the car function without any contribution from the user, therefore making it totally driverless. EO2 is very smart as it is formed as a section of an idea called “Platoon.”

Researchers indicated that every vehicle like this can be linked to others which are similar, so forming a kind of  “electric drive-train”. This can be attained using an app for smartphone. In this manner, just one driver will have the responsibility of driving EO2 Platoon; the others are just passengers.

More info:Robotics Innovation Center (RIC)






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