A Lady of 20 Whose Boyfriend Was a Female at Birth Claims They Are Simply Similar To Other Couples

A lady whose boyfriend owned up to the fact that he was in reality born a girl, has talked about their relationship and denied allegations that they are engaged in a gay relationship.

20 year old Charlotte Urie has been going out with Kieran Moloney who was initially named Ciara for a couple of years. For many years, Kieran, who is aged 23 years, kept his sex change a secret until 2012 when he met Charlotte.

Talking on This Morning about meeting Kieran and discovering the truth, Charlotte stated ‘When we initially met, it was man meets lady.’ However, as the relationship progressed, Kieran informed me that he was born a girl. She went on; ‘He was of course not free about informing me. However, I was thankful as I loved him for the person he was.’

The couple has currently been dating for a couple of years and plans to get married and begin a family. Kieran’s best buddy will be used to donate sperm.

Kieran who is initially from New Zealand but currently residing in London, talked about disclosing his secret. He stated ‘It occurred after around three weeks. We were not yet ‘together’ therefore it was a defining moment.’

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