A leopard does not ever alter its ‘pots!’ Stupid Feline’s head jams inside a jug in a village in India for Five Hours

A fascinating sight occurred when a leopard’s head got jammed inside a metal pot as it looked for water. The creature was looking for food close to Sardul Kheda, a village in India at Rajsamand in Rajasthan district.

Residents photographed and video-taped the poor animal, until a person from the neighboring forestry commission came and used a tranquilizer dart to shoot it. The creature’s predicament took around five hours prior to it being released finally.

Kapil Chandrawal, the District Forest Officer informed the Indian Tribune. ‘The panther, aged around 3 years, twisted a lot and tried to free his head but in vain.’

When our team got news from the locals, they went to the area and moved him to an enclosed area; a tranquilizer was used on it and his head was released. After the leopard makes a total recovery, he will be freed in a thick forest region.’

Thirsty Leopard Jams Head into Pot



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