Aboard a Mega Yacht of 196 ft is an inside Pool, Aquarium and ‘Drive-in-garage’ Indoors

In the struggle to rank among the most sophisticated mega yachts on the sea, so much is involved that it inspires awe. The most prevalent yacht extras are waterslides, helipads and movie theatres for yachts belonging to the very rich; however, a fashionable Italian vessel is creating ripples as it is the initial one to have a drive-in garage which floats.

J’ade, from Ferretti Group Company, CRN has a hatch which is operated hydraulically so that it can accommodate a speedboat of 8m without utilizing a tender to lift it from the water.

A lot of mega yachts have helipads and swimming pools while J’ade has the first garage which floats in the globe. The inside basin overflows 18,000 liters of water and empties it in only three minutes, enabling the boat (Riva Iseo of 27ft)  to venture inside the yacht without utilizing a crane.

If the speedboat is not kept inside, the basin can be used also as an interior ocean pool which can be entered from the terrace on the lower deck. This yacht of 60m was the main appeal at Monaco Yacht Show, the past week. It featured in the finals for Best Interior award but did not attain the award, which instead went to motor yacht Perini Navi which is completely new.

This speedboat is multipurpose and when it is not in storage, the basin can be utilized also as an interior ocean pool situated at the rear of this lavish terrace.

This yacht is owned privately and was formed by Studio Zuccon International Project and is formed to feel ‘a part of the sea.’ The vessel which is 196 ft can house 10 visitors in comfort in 4 cabins, the owner’s suite and 13 members of the crew.

Apart from the awesome ‘garage’, there is also a hammam area, gym and aquarium in J’ade. Throughout the decks numbering four, the interior materials are Canaletto walnut as well as polished rosewood. The hardwood surfaces are created from expansive Afromosia strips. The owner’s suite and cabins are fixed with Tai Ping carpets that are white.
Accents of jade green are found all through the inside.

More info: crn-yacht.com



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