About Us

The world is home to more than seven billion people and a bit more than twenty four billion animals that are classified as livestock. Let us not even get into the calculation of animals in the wild and the trillions that the myriad living species would collectively account for. In a world so diverse and interesting, there are always some amazing things happening. While we can always ponder over the cumbersome and the mundane, it is nice to sneak a peek at some of the weird stories, funny stories and interesting developments all around us.

The world is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Be it art or travel, cooking or science, entertainment or anything else, there’s always something that would induce a smile, incite surprise or perhaps just make you wonder at how marvelous some amazing things are.

Osjar.net is your gateway to this increasingly interesting world. Our sole endeavor is to bring together some of the most funny stories, weird stories, entertaining and informative stuff right to your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone so you can have a hearty laugh, have some fun with your friends when you share stuff you like and you can take a break from the demands of life and have a ball for a few moments.