An Albino Snake of 2 Heads Attempts to Devour Itself

It is possible that Todd Ray has huge quantities of money stashed away. Otherwise, he would not use up $50,000 on a snake; even if it has two heads and is an albino!

This is the amount Venice Beach Freakshow owner stated he submitted in payment for ‘Medusa.’ This is a Honduran Milk snake of four years which was born in Florida.

‘From its birth four years back, I have desired to have her,’ Ray informed The Huffington Post. ‘I negotiated to and fro with the owner; the cost simply kept soaring.’

Already, Ray has a Guinness World Record for being in possession of the hugest compilation of animals of two heads; however, he regards ‘Medusa’ as the top cream.

‘This is an ideal snake,’ he stated. ‘Other snakes of two heads are lovely; however, where their heads join presents a curve. This is not found in Medusa. It is like having two heads is natural.’

Ray discloses that although Medusa is 3 ft in length, she is hard work, particularly during meal times. ‘I brought her from Florida by flight and normally I offer them one week prior to feeding so they can get acquainted with their environment. But she was in constant motion and I believed she was searching for food.’

Ray stated with many snakes of two heads, he offered them meals separately; he placed a playing card at the centre of their heads to prevent them from biting one another.

‘I presented a mouse to them and the two opened their mouths. The head on the right hit out and grabbed the mouse from my hand,’ he said.

‘The fast pace they used to eat fascinated me. They would meet at the center, and these kinds of snakes eat others!’ Ray needed to get hold of a Butcher’s knife and split the mouse into two prior to the right head swallowing the left.

Ray intends to put showcase Medusa at Venice Beach Freakshow beginning on Saturday and anticipates she is going to attract many people.

‘I truly believe she is a hit, particularly for snakes,’ he remarked. ‘If she was not so precious I would not have used up that amount of money.’



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