Bed Bug Bites Look Like and Treatment

When Bug in Bed Bites

Never allow the bedbugs to bite

Although the proverbial tale of bedtime stories show a wonderful role played by bedbugs, they are however little pesky pests. Into your bed, furniture, and carpet they sneak, and bed bug bites while you are watching TV or while sleeping. The following morning, you wonder where the itchy red patches are all over your body.

Bedbugs what are they?

They are oval-shaped, flat, small reddish-brown insects measuring up to 7mm. Bedbugs are wingless and are fully dependent on man to get from one place to another. Animal and human blood is the main food for the bedbugs, during the day they are dormant and become active during the night when the bed bug bite as you sleep.

Bedbug bites how do they look like?

Other people’s skin is reactive to bed bug bites while others do not react all together. For the later, the following signs are likely to be visible from the bed bug bite.

  • A red dark center surrounded by red area with a swelling
  • Small bed bug bite site area with grouped or lined bites
  • Bedbugs bite area have spots or swellings

Bed bug bites can occur all over the body and specifically along the exposed skin areas such as along the arms, hands, legs and face.

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Symptoms and sings of Bed bug bites

Bug in bed bites begin to show or appear several days after you’ve suffered bed bug bites. Actually you may not know the time you suffered the bite.

Bedbugs are occasional eaters; as such you may not see them daily coming out to bite you. As a matter of fact bug in bed can survive without eating for a number of days. The result is that week’s may pass before you realize larger bite patterns over the exposed skin areas.

Bed bug bites are usually severely itchy. Your skin could get inflamed several days of being bitten by bedbugs this because normally the bug in bed do excrete anesthesia in very small quantities into the exposed area of the skin followed by a bite.

Bedbug’s bites can turn out to secondary skin infection that may result in bleeding or swelling if scratched. 

Are there bites similar to bedbug bites?

It could only be obvious that your bite is from a bug in bed if you are aware that your bed is bedbugs infested otherwise you cannot possibly associate your mystery bites to bedbugs.

A reaction to bed bug bites result to an itchy swollen, red irritating patch over the part of the affected area of skin. In such cases, the resemblance is of the flea or mosquito bites at the beginning. But bed bug bites are always along a line or in a group of small patches close together.

Bites from flea are usually concentrated around a person’s ankles or legs while bites from mosquitos are somehow irregular.

Bedbug bites and related problems

Bites occasioned by bedbugs are not prone to cause any other problem as compared to bites from other kinds of bugs.

The main challenge resulting from bed bug bites is usually an infection to the skin caused by scratching and too much itching within the area of the skin bitten. You are likely to suffer insomnia for thinking too much that you may be bitten later in the night again.

Bed bug bite allergy could result to symptoms which are more intermittent such as inflammation in the area bitten, swellings which are severely painful, and bite marks which are bloated and also a response anaphylactic rarely.

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