Brave Bus Driver Maneuvers a Highway Tunnel through Thin Needles Each Day!

A family on holiday in Rapid City, South Dakota, embarked on a journey by bus through its picturesque Needles Highway and got very scared as their charter bus negotiated a thin, narrow tunnel, maneuvering through the granite rock. Their driver was totally composed!

Fortnighte, a YouTube user was having fun with the family on holiday in South Dakota, viewing sceneries along Black Hills and Badlands, which are ancient states.

This is where Mouth Rushmore, which is popular, Crazy Horse Memorial, Wind Cave National Park and Jewel Cave National Monument are found.

Passing Needles Highway, which is 14 miles, which goes  through Custer State Park where mule deer, elk, bison, etc move freely, he and his family got really startled as their bus moved through Needless Eye Tunnel, near Rollins Pass Summit.

The name Needles is appropriate due to the pointed granite rock jutting out in numerous areas inside the tunnel. Fortnighte, his family and all other passengers in the charter bus did not dare breathe as their bus passed via the narrow hole which is treacherously taut, without their driver even pausing.

Similarly, a bald man who was very inquisitive was on the bus’ roof keen to study the navigation method of the bus driver while another tourist documented everything on camera.

Bus Go Through Rock Tunnel
Image Credit: fortnighte
The Needles Eye Tunnel
Image Credit: Rejser Rundt



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