Cameraman Caught the Perfect Moment

It happens rarely but sometimes some images come out almost perfect, and you have to keep gazing at it over and over again. Well, we have filled this gallery with so many of these pictures that will leave you in awe, and you wouldn’t believe that the cameraman took the pictures accidentally. This gallery is just awesome; filled with funny, amazing and even awkward pictures. Have fun!



Sometimes I see some pictures, and I begin to wonder ‘ did the cameraman actually leave these poor people to help themselves all alone while he took pictures? “I just hope all the people on board survived.



Yoga brings you closer to nature, and I think she was trying to get a lot closer with this yoga pose. This image clearly shows that she had a very close contact with nature. The most common injury that occurs during yoga is the lower back strain. She may have escaped a back injury, but in future, her selfie poses really need a recheck.



Mom, what kind of play is this with your child? She thought she caught him, but I guess her grip wasn’t strong enough and junior went flying off like a bird.



The sun-tanned hunk kept her from seeing the big momma by the pool. Looks like she’s going splash down. What a miscalculated move!



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