Colombian Farmer Unearthes Cash of $600 Million Owned by Pablo Escobar, the Late Druglord

For a short while, a Colombian farmer experienced a feeling of nearly being a billionaire after he found cash of $600 which was owned by Pablo Escobar, a cocaine dealer who flourished the most in the past.

A Medellin farmer of 65 years, Jose Mariena Cartolos, the other day got a Colombian Government grant for $3,000 to begin a plantation of oil palm on land which has been owned by his family for more than 200 years. When digging commenced for the scheme of irrigation, he discovered something odd; old blue containers covered beneath the soil.

Mariena was able to extract each of the containers. To his amazement, every barrel was packed with money running to a whole $600 Million U.S. dollars. In this simple manner, the unassuming farmer turned into among the wealthiest men in Colombia.

Each year, the industry of cocaine produces around 45% of the world’s supply. When most powerful, Escobar’s Medellin Cartel managed 80% of the globe’s cocaine market in the 70s and 80s. Everyday around 15 tonnes of cocaine was trafficked from Colombia, totaling $60 million each day.

Escobar lost his life during a shootout with the military in Colombia on 2nd December 1991. Prior to his death Forbes approximated the riches of Escobar to be about $30 billion. But, majority of experts state when you consider all the money he buried in the area of Colombia, the figure escalates to $50 billion.

This signifies more than $19 billion might be buried there even now. A lot of the drug profits from Medellin Cartel were laundered with the help of dishonest lawyers and bankers who imposed an elevated percentage. They stored the remainder in numerous homes and buried this amount.

After Mariena discovered the huge cash prize, he acted honorably and alerted the authorities. Sadly he is not going to retain his just discovered riches as it would be a breach of Colombian law. The money is going to be taken by the state and officials state the cash will ‘possibly’ be used to finance programs socially and economically.

Officials in Colombia think the finding will encourage others to look for Escobar’s other hidden billions.

Jose Mariena Cartolos (3)

Jose Mariena Cartolos (2)



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