Conquer Winter with this Machine Gun (Automatic Snowball)

What action would you take after finalizing a BYU undergraduate degree, attaining a Masters at USC in mechanical engineering and afterwards working for nine years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA?

If you were in the shoes of Mark Rober, an engineer, you would create a machine gun (leaf blower) for shooting snowball. Revealed through a video available to an official YouTube channel belonging to him, this unique winter weapon from Rober fires an amazing 13 snowballs in around half a second. This makes the whole world which is surrounded by snow envy him.

Rober, a resident of San Francisco, California did not just publish a detailed video walkthrough on the production of the creation but also distributed online snowball machine gun’s blueprints for any person to attempt building.

The video’s content shows the resolution to create a snowball-firing weapon (automatic) and was formed in reaction to Rober continuously assuming the part of snowball target for his nephews and nieces.

Snowball Machine Gun



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