Craiglist is selling T-Rex Skeleton Bike Which Gesticulates its arms and Snaps its Jaws

If you are unable to ride a real dinosaur, you can substitute with a dino bike. It is called Sue and it is being sold. Sue measures 12ft or 3.6m and 8ft or 2.5m in length. It is a baby T-Rex’s skeleton. A grown up would be too large, created from steel tubing, foam and texture paint.

The person who created it is skilled; the head and arms are all linked to the pedals. So it is true that the small T-Rex arms shift as you ride! Willie Hatfield, a naval engineer who creates foldable bikes, is from Eugene and he created Sue-cycle.

‘This dinosaur is great and can be ridden and it makes me content in regard to the dreams I had as a child. It requires to end up with a person who enjoys being noticed and making headlines whenever in public and also enjoys stimulating happiness and fascination in kid’s faces,’ he wrote in the ad for Craiglist.

‘I’m simply an engineer and bicycle manufacturer who is calm and I do not desire fame.’ The cost is $2000. The seller highlights that it is a bit difficult to ride the bike but for parades it is ideal.

More info: craigslist (h/t: laughingsquid)

dino bike (1)

dino bike (2)

dino bike (3)



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