Does Ringworm Have Home Remedies?

Ringworm is a very common fungal infection amongst others. Despite its name, it isn’t caused by worm but fungus Tinea which has been discovered to be very contagious. It can affect anyone but there are those who seem to be more prone to its attack. Examples of such individuals are children and adults whose immunities have been compromised.

Some ringworm symptoms are circular, scaly or red patch on the patient’s skin. The arms and scalp is where it mostly affects and can show on any part of your body. Forms of ringworm that are very common are athlete’s foot and Jock itch.

Home remedies which can be used for ringworms

Below are ways to treat a fungal infection like ring worm naturally.


This is always effective in the treatment of infection. Despite the fact that studies haven’t been able to prove that there is a relationship between garlic and ring worm, it has been very effective when used on other forms of fungi like Cryptococcus, Trichophyton, Torulopsis, and Candida.

In order to make use of garlic for treating ringworm, get garlic glove crushed to make a paste. You can blend it with coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the paste to any area of your body that is affected and use gauze to cover it. It should be left on such area for some hours (2 hours will be great) before rinsing off. This should be done twice on daily basis. 

Should the paste cause any form of stinging, redness or swelling, ensure to rinse off as quickly as possible. Don’t apply it on your skin again.

Soapy water

In order for ringworm to be prevented from infecting or spreading to other areas of your body, the skin should always be kept clean. The infection should be rinsed with warm water and soap twice every day. Ensure that the skin is dry as fungus has been discovered to stay in areas which are moist.

Prior to using the home remedies which have been listed below, ensure that the skin has been cleaned. This will prevent any form of sensitivity or even allergy to such treatment.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains antifungal properties which help in fighting against various fungal infections. In order to use it in treating ringworm, a cotton pad of wool should be soaked in vinegar (undiluted). Now use it in wiping the affected area. This should be done 3 times every day.

Aloe Vera

This has been discovered to contain about 6 antiseptic agents. They all do exhibit antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The gel should be applied from Aloe Vera plant on the affected area for about 3 – 4 times every day.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains fatty acid. This will damage the cell membranes of fungal cells thereby killing them. There are studies showing that coconut oil can prove helpful to people suffering from one skin infection or the other. It should be used in treating ringworm. Just apply the liquid to any of the affected areas. 

Coconut oil can also be used as moisturizing lotion thereby making it to be very effective when it comes to prevention of future ringworm infections.

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