Drone ‘Punched’ Straight from the Sky By Annoyed Eagle

Eagles should be counted among creatures which don’t like drones. A drone operator from Australia discovered this from a bad experience he had when his state of the art toy was ‘punched’ straight from the sky.

The drone operator, Adam Lancaster who posts videos using the name Melbourne Aerial Video, claimed he was more worried about the bird, rather than his spoiled equipment. By good luck, it did not seem hurt.

Lancaster wrote that the eagle was huge and utilized talons for ‘punching’ the drone from the sky. He states that he saw this clearly as it hovered above.

‘Avoid flying drones close to birds of prey; they show aggression if they are intimidated by you or if they think you can make sufficient dinner,’ wrote Lancaster.

‘You will incur losses in terms of cash and the bird will be injured. This drone was okay; it required to be noticed prior to flying once more.’

Drone Punched By Annoyed Eagle



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