Enthusiast for Arsenal Breaks Global Record by Performing FIFA 15 for Nearly 48 Hours

A father of two has shattered the record for performing the most lengthy football video game. He played FIFA 15 continuously for almost 48 hours. Chris Cook will be present in 2016 Guinness World Records (Gamer’s Edition) coming week after using up 47:19:41 (hours, minutes and seconds) playing video game for football simulation of FIFA 15 at a café for gaming.

This 34 year old finished his heroic marathon in Dalston at Loading Bar, London. He shattered the previous record of 47:5 attained by Scott Francis Winder and Jordan Bloemen (Canadians) fixed in August 2012.

Chris, an ardent Arsenal enthusiast remarked, ‘I believe I could have endured longer; however, you require a team to back you. And by 9pm that night a number of the ones I had required buses to go home.’

‘Individuals who may believe they can shatter records do not consider the quantity of paperwork and management concerned. Input of energy paid off in the end, although my eyes were okay. In future if a person shatters my record, I m not certain I would attempt to fight it.’

Selly Oak of Birmingham, who is the agent for investment services, tried the record in order to raise funds for SpecialEffect, a charity that facilitates the enjoyment of video games for the disabled.

The father also said, ‘I do not have any problem with kids engaging in video games so long as the parents are sufficiently responsible.’

‘Majority of media hastily hold the gaming world guilty any time something negative occurs. However, in the end, parents are liable to supervise their kids; what they play and when.’

Guinness Book of Records editor, Stephen Daultrey said: ‘The current year’s edition is inundated with remarkable accomplishment which indicates how massive and different the sector for gaming is, as well as its enthusiasts.’

‘It is a wonderful compilation of features and record media celebrities, champions for e-sports and developers who go on creating wonderful huge improvements with their imagination, technical skills and unique titles.’

Chris talked of the way he had ‘always desired’ to attempt a gaming marathon. The gaming enthusiast who has engaged in each game for FIFA video game from its 1993 launch remarked, ‘I believe from when I was a child, I always longed to carry out something similar to this.’

‘I wanted to find out how long I could manage to play FIFA at a go. It was aimed for charity.’

More info: guinnessworldrecords.com

Playing FIFA 15 for almost 48 hours (1)

Playing FIFA 15 for almost 48 hours (2)



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