Flash Flood Moves Hikers from Waterfall; Drone Tapes Everything

The previous week while on holiday on Maui Island in Hawaii, a team of hikers got trapped in a violent flash flood. To compound the situation, at that time, some of the hikers were ascending a waterfall. This placed them in the most horrible area to encounter the water attack.

Renee Lusano, who was among the hikers, afterwards wrote on her blog, ‘I did not consider any other choice, as I had just witnessed our buddy vanish and was killed; we were unable to do anything about it.’

The good news is that Lusano’s first perception was incorrect. The whole group escaped without harm and Lusano’s drone taped the whole episode on film from above.

‘I did not know it was recording nor the contents,’ wrote Lusano on her blog. ‘ My main worry was that it was suspended sufficiently high to be safe, as I advanced to higher surface.’

The team had gone hiking on a famous path close to the start of Maui’s popular Road to Hana. They did not know of this region’s possibility for flooding.

‘Unexpectedly, a huge deluge of water came from the waterfall,’ wrote Lusano. ‘It must have been advancing water which was 50 times more.’

After the team took off to elevated ground, they managed to place a call to 911 and were quickly airlifted from the region by a team for emergency search and rescue.

‘Me and my five buddies had a personal learning experience that Maui’s flash flooding in streams poses extremely serious peril,’ Lusano wrote about the incident.

‘It is my wish that our video and narration spreads knowledge and avoids the same rescues from needing to occur in coming times.’

Hawaii, which has unpredictable patterns in regard to climate, can be a hazardous area for guests who regard it as a warm play area. Just on this day, 16 individuals, inclusive of Lusano and her buddies were rescued due to flooding in East Maui.

View the entire video underneath and see how a moderately serene stream fast transforms into a surge of foggy water and the way the hikers rush to get to higher surface.

flash flood


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