For How Long Can You Be Contagious With The Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an eye condition that is very common which causes red, itchy, and painful eyes. Viruses, allergies, or bacteria can lead to pink eye. Bacterial and viral pink eye are very contagious. Both the children and the adults that has pink eye should stay off from school, daycare, or work till the symptoms has gotten cleared.

Each types of the pink eye has different times it get cleared up

Pink eye that is caused by a bacterium would take almost 24 to 48 hours before its symptoms begin to get improved as far as the affected person is taking antibiotics.

The virus caused pink eye would take about few days or a week before its gets resolve.

Pink eye that is a result from an allergy would clear normally as the allergy symptoms begin to lessen.


Different kinds of pink eye

Viral, bacterial, allergic are the major three pink eye types:

The allergic pink eye

The common allergens which can cause a pink eye include:

  • Grass
  • Dust
  • Animal dander
  • Tree pollen
  • Mold
  • Ragweed

The pink eye isn’t contagious if it was caused by an allergy

The viral pink eye

The viruses which are the cause of the pink eye include:

  • Adenovirus-is the most common one by far
  • Herpes virus-very dangerous and not common

People can also be infected by pink eye through infection that does spread from nose to the eyes. Also, it can get transmitted through the droplets of a sneeze or cough which lands on your eye directly.

The viral pink eye also can stem out from cold or the upper respiratory infections

Depending on the infection severity, the viral pink eye could last for few days to 2 weeks at least.

The bacterial pink eye

The causes of the bacterial pink eye that is very common which spreads from a person to another person include:

  • Having personal hygiene or some other items shares
  • Making use of old or unclean makeup that has bacteria in it
  • Making use of dirty hands to touch the eyes

A pink eye caused by bacteria infection can last for like 10 days when there is no treatment. However, when there is treatment it should resolve within few days.

If the pink eye doesn’t get improved with antibiotic drops quickly, its might be viral infection rather than the bacterial infection.

Seven signs to know if a person is contagious

If there is still a symptom of a pink eye present, the affected person is still considered to be very contagious. This is very true in every cases in exception that the pink eye was allergy-caused, which is common.

Listed below are the seven signs that the person is still very contagious:

  • Crusty lids and eyelashes
  • Burning sensation
  • Tearing up
  • Inside the eyes it would either be pink or red
  • Eyes getting irritated
  • Having eyes discharge
  • There would be swelling when you check the eyes

A school, workplace, or daycare would request often that the affected person shouldn’t return till the symptom has cleared out.

How pink eye can be getting ridded of

The treatment for a pink eye would depend majorly on the infection severity and the type.

Mild cases can be able to clear out on its own without any medical intervention in few days’ time for either the bacterial or viral pink eye. The pink eye caused by allergy clears out often as the allergic reactions gets controlled.

While the pink eye is healing, some people can make use of the following:

  • Hot or cold compresses for swelling to be reduced
  • Can make use of artificial tears for more moisture to be added and have symptoms eased. You can get this online
  • Making use of a cloth that is clean to have the eyes wiped
  • Making use of eye drops that has antihistamine

People should do also:

  • Disinfect and clean all eyewear
  • Throw away any contact lenses that is disposable
  • Have old makeup thrown out
  • Shouldn’t make use of makeup until every of the infection is cleared out
  • While still infected contact lens should be discontinued

A doctor should be consulted in cases that are more severe. The medication might include:

  • Eye drops that is antibiotic in order to have the bacterial infection cleared out
  • Medications that is antiviral for the viral infection to be fought, like herpes

A doctor can also recommend additional treatments for the allergic reaction to be reduced in cases that the pink eye is called by allergy.

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