Gain Knowledge on Being Lifeless for One Day in South Korean schools

South Korea is going through a suicide catastrophe; a large number of individuals are becoming miserable because of the stress of current life and they are committing suicide.

The unfortunate statistic that 40 individuals take their lives each day is attributed to the extremely competitive society of this state. Here, the youth is under persistent demand to thrive. The older ones and middle-aged, lament about the economic troubles, which rise constantly.

However, in an unusual reaction to the state’s increasing suicide outbreak, weird schools for ‘death experience’ are being built to impart knowledge to troubled learners on how to enjoy life once more by illustrating to them what being dead is all about.

They are encouraged to sign make-believe wills and enter coffins which are locked; they are also provided with fake funeral services. And at the capital’s Seoul Hyowon Healing Centre, business is thriving.

The students listen to the leader of the centre, Jeong Yong-mun who worked at a funeral firm previously. He informs them that the troubles we experience in life are part of it. They are informed that they should embrace them and attempt to find happiness in their troubles.

Source: Dailymail

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