Gao Bingguo, a Beekeeper, covers himself with bees numbering 1.1 million of 109 kg to join the latest Guinness World Record

In only his underwear, a beekeeper placed nearly 1.1 million bees on himself, which weighed 109 kgs and endured being stung 2000 times and more, to join the latest Guinness World Record.

A stir was triggered by Gao Bingguo on Monday, as the temperature of his body elevated to 60C (normal is 37C) to retrieve the global record for ‘largest number of bees on the body of a human’ in China’s Tai’an city, Shandong province.

This beekeeper of 55 years, who smoked a cigarette to avoid his lips being stung by the bees, started his Guinness World Record attempt by putting around 12 queen bees on himself so as to appeal to the other bees presented by 20 beekeepers and more to him.

For the bees to throng throughout the body, Gao Bingguo, fixes the newest record for the highest number of bees on the body of a human. Afterwards, boxes containing bees were discarded at his feet in numbers which kept rising, as the bees crept on his body.

Three hours elapsed and his body was completely covered with bees. Only his nose and mouth indicated that a person was under the heap of bees.

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Beekeeper Gao Bingguo (3)

Beekeeper Gao Bingguo (1)



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