Going Commando; 25 Celebrities Who Wore No Underwear

Celebrity gossip show biz has become serious business now; these elite individuals are enjoying the show. Normal is now boring. Celebrities aren’t people to be bored.

Ordinarily, you would expect these stars to exercise some restraint especially when in public. But that isn’t always the case. Here are 25 celebrities that left very little to the imaginations.

These are individuals who see wearing underwear as a nuisance:

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  1. sgtsmacks

    You had to ruin it all by putting that fat ass Kim Kardashian picture on first?

  2. Pogi

    a stinking aroma of pussies if you get close to fucking women who don’t wear underwear..

  3. dust

    Miss Big Cellulite! Typical: they place a picture of this big ass, then they fill the screen with propaganda! That is the internet!

  4. rohit choudhari

    she basically is a whore, she makes money by kind of selling her body and her personal life

  5. rohit choudhari

    when a female celebrity gets older than 35 years, than these are the tricks they play to stay in lime line so we should not be taking them seriously……..


    Kendall Jenner’s double thigh-high sexy cut-out dress is the exact same type of dress Jennifer Lopez wore on various gigs including the “Ni Tu Ni Yo” she sang at the Macy’s 4th of July, 2017 fireworks show but she was wearing nude fishnet pantyhose under that dress that covered her privates underneath while Kendall Jenner obviously isn’t wearing anything under her dress. WOW!! WHAT A TURN-ON!!


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