Going Commando; 25 Celebrities Who Wore No Underwear

2. Jennifer Lopez


Lopez gave her fans a left hook as Met Gala event, held in New York in 2015. She rocked a half-torn sequin dress for the occasion. In fact, this was the only thing that covered her gorgeous body.

  • imacmel

    JLo and Beyonce?
    More like oldies going commando?

  • sgtsmacks

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  • Noodle Vpn

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  • Pogi

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  • dust

    Miss Big Cellulite! Typical: they place a picture of this big ass, then they fill the screen with propaganda! That is the internet!

  • rohit choudhari

    she basically is a whore, she makes money by kind of selling her body and her personal life

  • rohit choudhari

    when a female celebrity gets older than 35 years, than these are the tricks they play to stay in lime line so we should not be taking them seriously……..