Hairdresser from Brazil Engraves Popular Images Like Neymar on Clients‘ Heads

In case you are searching for an innovative hairstyle for a future special function and desire to honor your preferred musician, popstar, athlete or any other person, Brazil’s Nariko Hair Style is the most ideal place to be for this.

The proprieter of the tiny hair studio in Sao Vicente, a coastal city to the south of busy Sao Paulo has been engraving images of the popular people on the heads’ sides and backs for around a year or more.

Clients only need to carry a photo of a preferred superstar and Nariko, the salon’s proprieter will etch a spitting image on the scalp of the client.

On May 6, Luis Fernando, who is 15 went to the studio to have Neymar, Barcelona’s soccer player who he prefers,  carved into his hair.

Neymar is the present captain for Brazilian national soccer squad whose career in soccer began in Santos FC.  The local club is liked by clients who venture here for the innovative styling presented by Nariko.

Nariko informed Reuters that motivating the youth to embark on styling hair is among the most ideal elements of his work, similar to popular athletes who encourage young people to join the game they choose.

Nariko stated that he derives a lot of joy from this, which is indescribable. Neymar encourages many young individuals to join soccer in addition to the artwork he is engaged in nowadays which makes many youthful individuals desire to learn about the skill of cutting hair.

They are serious about it and when they go there they pose queries; they intend to attend classes, which is extremely fulfilling, according to Nariko. Nariko is not an amateur in styling hair. His uncle and grandfather were barbers and encouraged him to get into the proffession when extremely young.

hairdresser etches famous portraits



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