Here’s Why You Should Never Squash A Centipede

These insects are slender, with hundreds of thin, long legs emerging from all over their bodies. They can move fast when they are spotted or when they are searching for somewhere safe, and they can hide under furniture and climb up walls with their legs, moving fast and undulating.

Do they have a head? Do they bite? What are they? 

The insect we are talking about is known as Scutigera coleoptrata, commonly referred to as house centipede. The very first reaction should be to relax. Centipedes in house can only be considered dangerous if you are a cockroach, bed bug, termite, silverfish, spider or some other pest. As a matter of fact, centipedes are little exterminator that are necessary for ridding our surroundings of pests.

House centipedes in the damp, cool, environment can be noticed in places like Eugene, Vancouver, Spokane, Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Bellevue, Beaverton as well as other regions Northwest.

These centipedes normally look frightening, even though the truth about them is far from that. Everything will be explained in the subsequent pages.

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