Hexacopter Which Catches Drones Fires a Huge Net to Capture Unusual Aircraft

Firmware updates, shotguns and radio beams are only some of the methods being suggested to restrict the approach of harmful drones.  Another method which is becoming famous is nets for catching drones which the drones themselves carry.

The previous month, emulating the example of Tokyo police, a group of mechanical engineers has formed a recovery method which confines tiny drones and transports them to the intended area in one piece.

Last month, the police department of Tokyo made news when it displayed aircraft for drone-hunting which drag around huge nets meant to pick up unusual aircraft prior to them leading to any damage.

The department wishes to utilize the cars to confine drones which may be creeping around in delicate regions like the airspace near the office of the prime minister of Japan, where one unmonitored aircraft was caught the previous year in April.

Mo Rastgaar a Michigan Technological University mechanical engineering associate professor launched this newest method which seems to be more enhanced.

A net is fired by the predator drone, when the predator drone detects an unauthorized aircraft in its course at a lengthy distance of 40 ft (12 m).  After covering the smaller drone, the net which is enclosed is then swayed back under the huger aircraft with its captive inside and cleared from the region.

Source: Michigan Tech



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