Hot Selling Tech Items Perfect for a Gift in 2018

6. Wireless, Portable, Bluetooth enabled Speaker

Yes, it is called portable speaker for a reason: you can take it along to just about anywhere. But what about the beach? Sure! This baby is waterproof, so there is nothing to be worried about when taking it to the beach. When on battery, expect to enjoy 12 hours of play time.

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7. Latest Echo Dot with Alexa

This is Alexa sleeping beside your every night in your room. Price, $50

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8. iPhone Casing to guard against break and scratch

Phone cases are there to protect your phone in the event they fall. We have found casing for iPhone 7 and 6 alike, and they come in different varieties and colours. Even better, you can design your own. With $40 you can get it.

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9. Google Home Voice Activated Speaker

Alexa is way more powerful than you might think. This time around, it takes you to Google Home when you say the magic word. Even more, it is intelligent enough to answer whatever question thrown at it, prepare a playlist, and help fix up your schedule. With you voice alone, you can sign into as many as six different Google account. Got $109 to spare? This device is all yours.

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10. Action Camera with live streaming capabilities and Image Stabilization

Let your friends watch you live on Facebook the next time you go on an exciting expedition. Not just Facebook but other social media outlets as well. The camera can be attached atop a car’s roof, on a helmet and even atop your skateboard. It is completely waterproof, so there is nothing moisture can do to it. It runs on battery which when fully charged can last 110 minutes. Sells for $130

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