How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin?

The sudden appearance of double chin may be reflexive of obesity or weight gain to so many people, even though that isn’t always the case always. This article will be taking you on a brief journey on how to get rid of double chin.

There are several exercises for targeting the fat that is seen under your neck and chin areas. There are equally other treatments which could be employed to support such activities.



Double chin can be formed when an extra fat layer deposits underneath your chin. Various factors are responsible for creating this double chin in a person’s body.


Our skin normally loses its elastic nature as we grow older, and this could give rise to saggy or extra skin, a contributing factor to double chin.

Weight and Diet

Although weight gain may not be the sole contributing factor for double chin, you can be certain it plays a key role in it. A high-calorie diet, unhealthy fats, and processed foods do have their role in influencing weight gain as well as double chin.


Another possible contributing factor to this double chin thing is genes. Anybody who is from a family that has got a history of poorly elastic skin or double chin stand a high chance of developing double chin too.


Unhealthy postures can make the chin and neck muscles become extremely weak. Doing this for a long period could result in the appearance of double chin, as the skin around loses its elastic nature whenever the muscles aren’t used.


Several exercises are existing for handling double chin.

Although these exercises may currently lack adequate scientific research to back their effectiveness, these exercises undeniably address face and neck muscles issues to a great extent.

Warm up

As a proper exercise routine, it is recommended that you have your muscles warmed up to prevent any injuries. To warm your neck up, rotate your head forward and down as well as back and up again gently in the form of a circular, clockwise motion. After doing the rotations a few times, change the direction.

A similar circular motion is employed in stretching the jaw. Slowly extend your jaw left, and then forward, and then right, before finally going back, holding every position for one or two seconds. Now, you just successfully warmed your muscles and they are fit exercising.

Whistle at the ceiling

The perfect exercise for giving strength to your neck muscles after you must have spent a considerable time at your desk. Employ your relaxed shoulders and straight back for sitting.

Move your head backwards so you can see the ceiling. In this position, tighten your lips so it looks like you are whistling. A relaxed and tight lips should be in place so as to feel the contraction from both parts of your neck.

Remain in this particular position for between 10 and 20 seconds; how long you stay should be subject to how comfortable you are.

Kissing the sky

Almost the same as the one we just discussed.

Stand upright and tall, then your arms as well as shoulders should stay relaxed and loose. Move your head backwards so you can see your ceiling. Pucker your lips and then try kissing the sky, pushing them far away as you can from your face.

When this is correctly applied, the muscles across the chin and neck should be comfortably flexed. Stay in this particular position for between 5 and 20secs, before you finally relax. Do the process again between 10 and 15 times for every set.

The ball squeeze

Making sure your exercise tool is never far away from you is a very effective way of reminding some persons of their exercises.

For neck related exercises, keeping a ball close to your bed, desk or other related areas that are noted for exercises may be very helpful. The ball size can vary between 5 and 10 inches in size, depending on what the individual is comfortable with.

The ball squeezing is best executed when you are sitting with an upright back as well as relaxed shoulders.

Position the ball beneath the chin. Employ the chin for pushing against the ball steadily and firmly.

The Pouting Stretch

This is an equally effective exercise for targeting neck and chin muscles.

Seated or standing, stick out the down lip to as far as you can, forming a pouting kind of face. Stay like that for about 3secs. With your lip still fully pout, employ the neck muscles to move chin close to the chest, not having to move your upper back.

Stay like that for about 3secs. Relax your muscles and then start all over. Repeat for between 10 and 20 times till you are convinced your neck has been impacted.

Gum chewing

This doesn’t seem like it will have any real impact, but trust me, it could be very helpful for those who intend to say goodbye to their double chin using various ways.

According to a study that was posted on Appetite, people who are fond of chewing gum after every meal tend to feel fuller regarding being satisfied by a meal. That way, these guys will stay away from unhealthy snacks. People who want to effect weight loss for the purpose of reducing the calories contained in their food can do so by chewing gum.

Chewing gum serves as a small workout for face muscles, particularly the jaw. Frequent chewing of gum could be significant in reducing chin fat even though it may not do too much on its own.

Lion’s yawn

An exercise that is executed with a focus of opening the mouth very wide while bringing out all your tongue. The same with a lion that is yawning.

Stand or sit with a relaxing posture, open your mouth very wide and bring out all your tongue.

When it is properly done, the neck, jaw and chin muscles would become tightened.

Bring your tongue outside for about 10secs and then relax. Do the process again until you do it for like 10 times. Go to the next exercise.


Besides exercises, a good number of people do prefer to complement their exercise efforts with other treatments for their double chin.

Face masks

There are existing face masks which can help you tighten your skin and curb your chances of having double chin.

The glycerin masks as well as green or coffee tea masks could be a good choice in complementing exercise efforts. A mask of honey, egg whites, lemon juice, honey daily can play a huge role in reducing the chin fat for a couple of persons.


Engaging a diet that is nature-based is a healthy way of reducing double chin appearing, particularly when it is linked with weight gain. A cut in daily calorie consumption can be efficient for some people.

Consuming lots of water helps in getting rid of body fats. Based on a journal that was published on Obesity, people fond of drinking water prior to having their meals lost weight when compared to their counterparts.

Water as well as foods that are rich in water, such as cucumbers and melons equally help in expunging toxins from our bodies.


A couple of persons prefer invasive procedures for fixing double chin. Three basic procedures are involved in treating double chin:

  • Mesotherapy: this has to do with injecting compounds that can dissolve fat into the chin. It is a process that can last about 6 months, requiring more than 100 injections. When improperly executed, it could cause damage to your nerve.
  • Liposculpting: this employs high pressure for getting rid of body fat via laser or suction. It, however, does not make the skin more elastic.
  • Kybella: this is a US approved drug. One treatment may comprise as much as 50 injections on a particular fat tissue. An individual may be faced with six different treatments which must be undertaken in a monthly basis.

These options are likely to cause some side effects like pain, bruising, and swelling. And it is not an assurance that the double chin will be gone forever, especially when the individual refuses to have any change in their lifestyle.

Should you be in the interested in the various face mask treatments discussed in this article, you can get them online. Now you understand how to lose double chin by using various methods.

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