Latest Guiness World Record Set when 100 Drones Fly in a Pattern

Intel has joined Ars Electronica Center in Austria to fix the latest global record for the highest number of drones to fly at the same time.  In the demonstration, 100 unmonitored aerial cars fly in pre-programmed pattern providing the audience with a fascinating light show coordinated to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony’s sounds.

The accomplishment took some years to create. Ars Electronica Futurelab is a center for studying latest formats of cyberart. It was formed in 2012 to line up large quacopters to fly jointly in a pattern. At first, the team was successful in September of the same year, making the sky light up with drones fitted with 50 LED above the Danube River.

A row of airborne art pieces then tracked in areas around the globe such as Sweden to Australia, causing the inception of 2014 Intel with a concept known as Drone 100.

The imposing dream was to make the sky light up at night with a group of quadcopters, setting a record in harmonized flight. On 4th November 2015, a 15 member crew made this come true by introducing 100 drones close to Hamburg, Germany, above Ahrenlohe Airfield with LEDs fixed to their body. Each fleet weighed about 700 grams or 24.7 oz.

Soure: Ars Electronica | Flickr

100 drones fly in formation (3)

100 drones fly in formation (4)

100 drones fly in formation (2)

100 drones fly in formation (1)



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