Lengthiest Flight Hoverboard Record attained by Catalin Alexandru Duru, from Canada

Today, Guiness World Records can show an astounding latest world record in the upcoming travel sector. Direct from something from upcoming times, Catalin Alexandru Duru, an inventor from Canada was able to travel an overall distance of 275.9m or 905 ft to attain a latest title of Guiness World Records for lengthiest flight with a hoverboard.

In the fascinating footage hereunder, Catalin goes up to a 5 m height on his hoverboard (prototype) covering an expanse of more than double this of a couple of football pitches which are full sized, prior to softly landing in Lake Ouareau’s exceptional waters in Quebec, Canada.

Nowadays, Guinness World Records can disclose a latest world record which is amazing in the sector of upcoming travel.  He states the machine, which he created and designed in 12 months can be utilized anywhere and can go up to ‘alarming heights’ that he would like to possibly discover in the coming times.

Catalin needed to attain a distance of 50 m to fix a title of Guinness World Record but travelled more than five times the needed target to beat this. Commenting on his attainment of breaking record, he stated, ‘I needed to display that a strong flight can be attained on a hoverboard and a human could use their feet to stand and manage.’

More info: guinnessworldrecords.com




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