Magnificent Sea Beasts Control Ecuador’s Biospheres on their Backs

We are almost sure that our globe is not a circle placed on four elephants’ backs standing on a giant tortoise’ shell from space. These posters of animals depict aquatic creatures whose backs have the weight of land.

The pictures originate from the promotion of All You Need started by Ecuador Ministry of Tourism and created by Manipula. The pictures portray the four biospheres which are visible in the state; the Pacific Coast, Amazon, Galapagos Islands and Andes Mountains.

The landscape combined with the animal indicates the way Ecuador unites four diverse ‘globes’ and the biodiversity it has. Manipula is a photo studio found in Rio de Janeiro. One picture they created for the promotion has won Photokina’s CGI prize, the globe’s hugest trade fair for sectors of imaging and photography.

Maybe the reason is because no person was ready to paint a crocodile with glue to create a small Ecuador on it.

More info: (h/t: lustik)

Sea Beasts

Sea Beasts (2)

Sea Beasts (3)

Sea Beasts (4)



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