Man Who Chopped His Ears off to Resemble a Parrot

A man whose face and eyeballs were tattooed to resemble his pet parrots has advanced- by chopping his years off. Ted Richards, an Englishman, is fixated with Teaka, Ellie, Jake, Bubi and Timneh, the pet pilots and used colorful feathers to have his face tattooed.

However, the animal fanatic, who possesses 110 tattooed, a split tongue and 50 piercings has advanced this fanaticism and had his two ears extracted; he is arranging to get a surgeon who is willing to change his nose to a beak.

Ted who retired from a shoe factory obtained his initial tattoo in 1976 and since then, has set up a compilation of body enhancements wrapping literally his whole body, such as a peace symbol brand made on his left shoulder with an iron of 7500  and a couple of magnets fixed in his hands.

At his home in Bristol at Hartcliffe with his four parrots and Iggy, a green South American iguana and Candy, a pit bull terrier. He surfs the internet searching for latest processes and states his facial change is homage to his ‘babies.’

Ted is secretive about the person who performed the operation of six hours; however, he says he is ‘joyful than before’ and has even currently obtained a girlfriend of 31, Suzannah.

From the time Ted had the operation, he states the only problem is balancing his glasses; therefore, two tiny metal pins have been included to his head’s side.

He added, ‘The other day I visited the supermarket and when I entered I commented that it was so windy outside that my ears were blown off and each person laughed.’ He stated he adores that fact that he is exceptional as he has always longed to be unique.

The procedure of cutting off a person’s ears was traditionally carried out as a method of physical penalty in England known as ‘cropping.’ A consultant plastic surgeon belonging to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, criticized the surgery.’

He stated, ‘I am totally shocked to discover that a person has willingly presented themselves for this to be carried out and even more so that he discovered someone to actually do it.’

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