Marriage between Two Identical Pairs of Twins; with bridesmaids, pageboys and even priests who are identical twins!

It would be understandable if guests to Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery’s wedding experienced a feeling of having gone through it before. This is because the grooms and brides were identical, as well as the priests, pageboys and flower girls.

The wedding which took place on the west coast of India in Thrissur, Kerala State was all the brothers had ever envisioned. It was the outcome of a search which took five years, to get sisters who were most identical. Their only disappointment was that the event did not have more twins.

Dilraj and Dinker first made a decision to marry twin sisters who were identical, when they were in high school. From the time they were kids, they were always together and dressed in the same attire. Dinker stated that in matriculation test, their score was the same and after they graduated from college, they got a job in a similar firm (HCL).

After this, the unimaginable took place. Dinker, 32, said ‘for once in our lives, we went separate ways after embarking on our professional career. The company assigned me to north India while Dilraj went further south.’

Five years back, the two made a decision that it was now time to marry. Obviously, it would not be simply anyone, so they used the newspaper to look for wives.

Dinker stated that they attained a lot of proposals when they advertised in matrimonial sites and newspapers. However, the issue was that the twins were not sufficiently identical. In addition, they needed to get twins who originated from the same family history.

However, the brothers became lucky after meeting Reema and Reena via a ‘matrimonial portal.’ Dilraj stated, ‘After meeting Reema and Reena, we realized they were the ones we had been searching for. The good news was that they also felt the same after they met us.’

The girls went to a similar school, same as the twin brothers and same college as well for training in nursing and were employed in the same company in Dubai.

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