55 Weirdest Animals You May Have Never Seen Before

With over 8,000,000 living things species on planet earth, it is impossible for any human being to have seen it all. Plus, if you insist on viewing 8 million images of every animal on this earth, you would need at least 8years to achieve that, when you use 30 seconds for every photo, without ceasing for one second. To help worsen matters, scientists are still discovering new species on a daily basis. Therefore, this post will be showing you the ugliest animals and most curious of all the animals. That way, you would not spend your days in futility trying to view them all.

We have included both sea and land animals, reptiles and mammals and bugs to this precious list, so you would be seeing a host of very unique and ugly animals. A crossbreed mammal that is somewhere in between a giraffe, a mose and a zebra? Sure, they call it an okapi! Some kind of blob-looking fish? That is called a blobfish! A funny looking animal known as thorny devil? After having a view of all these weird animals, you would surely wonder how things like these got to be in the same planet as us.

#01 Lowland’ Streaked Tenrec

Arto Hakola

Discovered in Madagascar, this is the one mammal that uses stridulation for making sound. This is something that has been characterized with insects and snakes.

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