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Recent Posts

The Mystifying Existence of Bugs and Snails (Vadim Trunov)

Take a peep at these minute creatures that creep and crawl, converging around in their delightful kingdom! Vadim Trunov, who is a photographer, is...

Fire Encounters Water in Emily William’s Glass Carvings

Emily Williams integrates the strength of fire and glass by creating sea life carvings. Extreme heat is utilized for flame sculptures to form glass;...

Ecocapsule Allows You to Exist From the Grid in Literally any place in the World

Do you long for a camper which appears as if it originated from coming times? Nice Architects’ Ecocapsule are the solution. This Slovakian design...

China Soon to Launch Glass Bottom Bridge which is the Longest and Highest in the Globe

This glass bridge in China will be 370m in length with a height of 400 m above surface. Haim Dotan, an Israeli architect designed...

Magnificent Sea Beasts Control Ecuador’s Biospheres on their Backs

We are almost sure that our globe is not a circle placed on four elephants’ backs standing on a giant tortoise’ shell from space....

The Road Ahead is filmed by ‘Safety Truck’ from Samsung and Portrays it on Screen to Assist Vehicles Pass it

There is nothing as bad as overtaking trucks in a single lane. Samsung are attempting to rectify this using their Safety Trucks. A wireless...

Steve Axford’s Images of Trippy Australian Mushrooms

Despite how fungus captivates you, it is possible that you do not like taking photos of mushrooms like Steve Axford. He resides in Northern...

The Creation of a 20 year old is going to clear plastic garbage from the oceans

Boyan Slat, who is 20, thought of putting balanced barriers secured to the seabed to extract plastic garbage from the ocean. The barrier would...

Cyclee – the latest answer for more secure Urban Cycling

Cyclists experience a harsh reality of putting their lives on the line, because of visibility issues when cycling on the road! Cyclists are only...

Eerie Helmets of Human Skin by Jyo John Mullor

Helmets which resemble genuine human heads may soon turn in to a prevalent sight if Jyo John Mullor’s designs are produced. This digital designer...

Change Rice Balls to Sweet Kitties using this Omusubi Kit which is ‘Purrfect!’

Earnest, the kitchen tool maker has provided an answer for fans of cat and rice ball all over the globe using ‘Omusubi Nyan’ their...

I Make Use of Coffee to Sketch Comprehensive Paintings of the Characters I like

Maria A. Aristidou states that her history features art. Her adoration of business art and obviously coffee has made coffee painting become one of...


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