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Recent Posts

What’s Responsible for Nosebleed?

Overview Nosebleeds are somewhat common. They may look scary, but they do not indicate any severe medical problems. The nose is a part of our...

Foods That Are High In Fibre

Fibre is vital to the body. It doesn’t just leave the stomach undigested as it also ends up in your colon. This is where...

Ten Foods High in Magnesium

Magnesium is one important mineral that is needed by your body to function properly. It regulates blood sugar as well as other chemical processes...

For How Long Can You Be Contagious With The Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an eye condition that is very common which causes red, itchy, and painful eyes. Viruses, allergies, or bacteria can lead to...

Cold Sores and All You Should Know

Cold sores are usually small sores, or blister-looking patches that are seen on the lips, cheeks, or chin within the nostrils and on the...

Ten Ways To Say Goodbye To Canker Sores

One of the most painful and frustrating experience you can ever get is with canker sores. Although they can be healed naturally within a...

Identifying Spider Bites and How to Treat Spider Bites

Spiders! – Are they all poisonous? Many of the spiders in America numbering approximately 3,000 are not poisonous. As much as many spiders bite, their...

Bed Bug Bites Look Like and Treatment

When Bug in Bed Bites Never allow the bedbugs to bite Although the proverbial tale of bedtime stories show a wonderful role played by bedbugs, they...

Sore Tongue What Is Causing It?

Should I get worried with sore on tongue? If you have a sore on tongue it is very easy to overlook it in most cases,...

Strep Throat and Strep Throat Signs and Symptoms

An infection by bacteria which makes the throat painful and swollen is known as strep throat. Streptococcus bacteria from group A are responsible for...

Tonsillitis What It Is, Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Treatment

Tonsils are lymphatic nodes usually two, which can be seen appearing on either side of ones throat. The main purpose of tonsils is to...

Bronchitis – Signs and Treatment

The swelling or inflammation of the bronchi (bronchial tubes) and all the passages of air is known as bronchitis. To be specific, bronchitis defines...


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