Pedophiles in Indonesia to be Disciplined using Chemical Castration –Attorney General

In the near future, the President of Indonesia will sign a ruling approving the utilization of chemical castration to discipline pedophiles. The Attorney General stated this after a spate of serious children sex offences.

Indonesia will be among a team of numerous states which permit discipline like this, such as Russia, Poland and Estonia and also some states in the U.S. South Korea became the initial Asian state to utilize chemical castration or disciplining in 2011.

‘We are extremely worried about cases of child assault abuse. This occurrence has gone to unusual levels,’ states H.M. Prasetyo, the Attorney General informed reporters following a cabinet meeting.

‘An agreement has been reached that extra disciplining will be included so that individuals reconsider before engaging in this,’ he stated. It is anticipated that soon President Joko Widodo will provide a presidential ruling allowing the disciplining after the cabinet concurred with this move,’ stated Prasetyo.

Chemical castration is connected to an injection being given to pedophiles, which has a female hormone, ‘to get rid of his sexual urge,’ he stated. The previous year, a student of 6 years was raped by a team of janitors. U.S. embassy supported Jakarta Intercultural School’s renewed appeals for stricter disciplining.

More info: Reuters

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