Presenting an Ocean inside Your House with 3D Floors

Tiles are very outdated. What you truly require are some floors of 3D epoxy polymer. In the elegant world of floors, this is the newest trend. The Imperial Interiors’ website describes the procedure as involving the positioning of a coating of screed which is self-leveling (material utilized to level floors) followed by the chosen picture.

This is afterwards treated using translucent polymer (two-component) to offer depth to the picture. The last step is a coating of defensive lacquer. The outcome is a 3D picture which provides depth insight. It does not undergo damage normally found on other floor adornments and is extremely simple to clean!

Imperial Interiors state that even though this technology was initially utilized in malls and other public areas, it can be utilized effortlessly in any home. Although popularly used in bathrooms, the 3D floor can be utilized in the living area as well or other places.

More info: (h/t: aplus)

3D Floors (1)

3D Floors (2)

3D Floors (3)

3D Floors (4)

3D Floors (5)

3D Floors (6)

3D Floors (7)

3D Floors (8)

3D Floors (9)



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