Residing Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is going to be a Tip of the Iceberg

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel wishes to create ripples in the world of underwater hotels. It expects a developer to make it an underwater hotel which is the first one in the world that is self-contained and easy to afford, presenting some element of elegance.

We have previously encountered numerous ideas for underwater hotel and schemes like the ones from Water Discus Hotel and Poseidon Resorts. According to Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, its modular and prefab fashion can be presented quicker, more affordably and scalably compared to anything else.

The company is located on Florida Island’s Key West and states that a lot of its rivals are presenting plans which whose price will be around US$11million for each visitor’s room to build; approximations for costs per night come to $4,000 to $6,000.

Contrary to this, it states its method is just going to cost around $1.7m for each room with a normal operation of 12 rooms, so costing around $20million. This would signify a rate of $3,000 to $6,000 for visitors each night for rooms, which is affordable.

The planned construction of the hotel is made up of steel which is double welded and acrylic sheet that are dense and clear. A modular plan signifies its pods may be assembled in a factory and carried to site for finalization.

More info: Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: gizmag)





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