Ripple Maker…Capable of Placing Your Face Inside Your Coffee

When tiny things such as leaves or hearts are sketched by baristas in your cappuccino’s foam, it is somehow sweet. But, it is probable that those drawings might be headed in the direction of cave painting.

The reason is that Steam CC, an Israeli establishment, the other day presented its Ripple Maker; this machine replicates images, content or other pictures on coffee foam.

The initial launching of the Ripple Maker took place the previous June when it was stated that Lufthansa airlines would be making use of the machines in its departure lounges (First as well as Business Class). However, at CES last week, a huger accessibility of the method was declared; presently, it can be bought by any business which trades in coffee.

The device integrates 3D as well as expertise of ink-jet printing together with ‘Ripple Pods’ that are disposable consisting of an extract formed from coffee beans of Arabica and Robusta.

More info: Ripple Maker | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ripple Maker (1)

Ripple Maker (5)

Ripple Maker (2)

Ripple Maker (4)

Ripple Maker (3)



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