Sore Tongue What Is Causing It?

Should I get worried with sore on tongue?

If you have a sore on tongue it is very easy to overlook it in most cases, however, you may find it annoying while eating or speaking then begin to think if anything could be wrong. Be informed that sore tongue is not a major cause for alarm.

Below is a list of the main causes of sore tongue and why you may need to see a doctor if you happen to get one.


Accidental tongue bite may cause sore on tongue

Biting your tongue accidentally could be terribly painful experience that will most likely leave you with sore on tongue. Likewise is stumbling your mouth on some extremely hot food could also lead to tongue burns or blister to say the least. Clenching or grinding ones teeth could also make the edges on the outside of the tongue painful.

Compared to hitting your leg or arm, the shocking pain won’t just disappear soon after. Similarly, injuring ones tongue could result in a sore tongue that may last a number of days until the injury is completely healed.

Soreness on Tongue

You could also get big papillae that would cause you to have sore on tongue, the reddish or whitish bumps are commonly called transient lingual papillitis or simply as lie bumps. They result in sore tongue since your taste buds get swollen and are really painful. Normally the sore on tongue will simply clear off in a number of days without treatment.

Yeast infection can also cause sore tongue especially in infants and young children, the cottage cheese like white patches on your child’s tongue could be highly painful and uncomfortable. Oral thrush is very common in infants and adults of advanced age whose immunity is relatively weak. You are likely to have sore on tongue (oral thrush) if you’ve been on antibiotics in the recent past. People who are using inhaler steroids for asthma management can also develop sore tongue.

Familiar infections that may result in you getting sore on tongue include:

  • Oral, foot and hand diseases
  • Papillomavirus for humans
  • Venereal infection – syphilis

Ulcers of the mouth

Pain on your tongue could be centered on a given area of the tongue. Looking at your tongue through a mirror you will likely see a sore on tongue oval in shape in a specific place. The sore tongue could be gray, yellow, red or even red.

The sore on tongue can occur because of:

  • Damages to the tongue or tongue bites
  • Chewing sharp or hard stuff
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Eating specific diets only
  • Quitting cigarette smoking
  • Hormonal imbalance effects

Ulcers of the mouth also known as sore on tongue will mostly heal within a week or two without using any medication. You can also consider OTC (over-the-counter) medications to manage discomfort. Avoid spicy or sugary foods as they are likely to irritate the sore tongue more.

Allergy and sensitivity to certain foods

Certain kinds of foods could result in sore tongue due to you having OAS (oral allergy syndrome) also known as syndrome for the pollen-food usually caused by eating specific nuts, vegetables and raw fruits.

Accompanying sore on tongue are:

  • Mouth itches
  • Throat feeling scratchy
  • Inflamed tongue, mouth and lips

OAS (oral allergy syndrome) occasionally affect pre-teen children, teenagers and middle-aged adults. Your physician could request you have an epinephrine auto-injector if you are having acute reaction.

Substance Smoking

Substance abuse i.e. quitting or indulging smoking addiction could result in sore tongue. Smoking endangers your life as you risk contracting cancer of the throat or mouth.

Other diseases that could develop as a result of smoking indulgence:

  • Colored teeth
  • Smelly breath
  • Loss of teeth or general decay
  • Growth of yeast and hairs on the tongue due to bacteria thriving
  • Gums having brown spots
  • Mouth roof palate appear white, pale and thickened

If you choose to quit smoking now you will reduce risk of contracting throat or mouth cancer in the next five years by half says U.S general surgeon for CDCP (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) in his report released in 2010.

Little known causes of sore on tongue

If you seem not to understand what is happening with your tongue, you could talk to your physician and be informed about the little known causes of sore tongue that could be extremely painful. Because of so many health challenges in today’s world, your sore on tongue could be a pointer to different thing.

Lack of vitamin and anemia

If your body is lacking folate, iron or vitamin B-12 you are likely to suffer sore tongue. Deficiency of vitamin B-12 may also result in beef-red coloring of the tongue and low zinc levels may cause tongue burning.

Additional sore tongue symptoms that are linked to vitamin deficiency are:

  • Weariness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Unbalanced heartbeats
  • Extreme weight loss
  • Weak muscles
  • Feet and hands tingling or numbness

Lack of enough vitamins occur over a period e.g. from a number of months to many years. Solution could involve eating foods containing all dietary plans, food supplements and getting injections for vitamins.

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