Ten Foods High in Magnesium

Cultured Yoghurt


A cultured yoghurt is a brilliant source of protein, containing up to 30mg of magnesium for every cup. It equally comprises omega-3 fatty acids, with lots of minerals and vitamins as well as gut-healthy probiotics.

Stay Away From Phytic Acids

Magnesium and Phytic acid (which is the stored form of phosphorus that is present in seeds, beans, nuts, grains and legumes) are bound to react and combine together whenever they come in contact in our GI tract, depriving us of the needed magnesium. Try the following to combat the anti-nutrients effects produced by phytic acids in our foods:

  • Soak, sprout, then ferment and cook all plant foods.
  • Eat foods that rich in vitamin C along with meals that contain phytic acid.
  • Prefer vinegar for your salad dressing, and cook to enhance the absorption of minerals, getting rid of phytic acid in the process.

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