Ten Ways To Say Goodbye To Canker Sores

One of the most painful and frustrating experience you can ever get is with canker sores. Although they can be healed naturally within a period of seven days, there are a couple of things you could do to facilitate the healing process

Similar to medications that are prescribed over the counter, there are a couple of home remedies that are quite effective in reducing canker sores discomfort as well assisting in the healing process. Below on this page, there are ten proven ways to help you say goodbye to ulcers.

What is canker sore?


Canker sore represents an ulcer in the mouth that is small. It is usually associated with grey, red or white edges. Typically, it is found on those parts of the mouth that are not hard, such as tongue, inside the lips, and inside the cheeks.

Canker sores do have a medical name; it is known as aphthous stomatitis aka RAS. They are fond of appearing repeatedly over a period of time.

Canker sores cannot be transmitted to someone else and they can heal without any medication in a period of seven days. They are not up to 1 centimeter in diameter; they can exist alone or in a group.

However, there is a more serious form of RAS that is responsible for bigger ulcers that could stay as long as 14 days or even more and are also capable of instigating scarring.

Ten ways to say goodbye to canker sores

While it is normal for them to heal naturally, there are several measures that can help you manage the pains, facilitate the healing and prevent any possible infection that can be caused by canker sores. They are as follows:

1. Over-the-counter patch or gel

You can apply typical over-the-counter medication directly on the surface of the canker sore in gel or paste form. When you do this, the canker sore will hardly be irritated whenever it comes in contact with acidic foods and spicy foods, or when it is being touched.

There are also specific bandages or patches that can be placed on the canker sore to help protect it from anything that will irritate it by contact.

2. Applying a mouth rinse

An over-the-counter rinse could do the job regarding providing relief from discomfort or pains.

You need a mouth rinse with antiseptic properties to help numb the inner part of the mouth, as well as protect it from any infection.

3. Applying a salt rinse

Alternatively, you could decide to apply a salt solution to rinse the inside of your mouth. While this method is known to facilitate the healing process, it shouldn’t replace a medicated mouthwash whenever necessary.

4. Exercising dental hygiene with soft brush

Being careful of how you treat your mouth when you have canker sore can also assist the healing process.

One way to do this is by employing the use of soft brush. Keeping your gums and teeth clean can also stop the ulcers from getting infected.

5. Vitamin B-12 supplements

One of the components responsible for how the brain and nervous system works is Vitamin B-12. It also has a key role to play in red blood cells formation.

A small study indicated that consuming vitamin B-12 supplements can help to reduce the pains produced by the canker sores, number of possible outbreaks, and number of ulcers gotten in a month.

6. Taking chamomile tea with honey

Historically, honey and chamomile have been employed for various health benefits, and it is effective in healing canker sores since it helps to reduce the inflammation and pain

There is, however, not enough scientific evidence regarding their benefits in ulcer treatments; hence, they shouldn’t be preferred for medication purposes.

You can equally apply honey to canker sore because of its possible antiseptic properties. Mix it together with chamomile in tea, and then drink it when it has cooled off.

It is possible that chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is a good canker sore remedy when it is brewed and used to rinse mouth when it becomes cold. Having a chamomile tea bag soaked in warm water and applying it directly to the spot where the ulcer is located is also a viable option.

7. Avoid certain foods

You need to avoid certain foods like salty, acidic and spicy foods because they do not only irritate the canker sores, but they also slow down their healing process.

Talking about discomfort, you need to stay away from hot drinks, as well as foods with rough edges.



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